The amazing MASAI wearing MM

Feb 10, 2014

So thrilling to see these beautiful Masai kids, in Masai Mara, Kenya, wearing our antimosquito tshirts!! A first step towards cooperating with local institutions to help fight Malaria and other mosquito-inflicted diseases. We’ll keep you posted! Below, a grown up Masai warrior wearing another antimosquito Tshirt, this one with a beautiful print by our artist […]

web store is alive!

Feb 06, 2014

We are very happy to announce that our webstore is finally up and running and displaying some of our top antimosquito items, with some added properties in the mix! Check it out! Also, our dear customers will be gifted with a special packaging made of Tyvek —a technical textile that looks like paper but doesn’t […]

LAUNCH System Challenge 2013

Sep 04, 2013

Great example of international collaboration fueling innovation in textiles towards positive social and environmental impact. LAUNCH is a collaborative project by NASA, USAID, U.S. State Department and NIKE founded on the idea of harnessing “collective genius” to create “a better world”, by leveraging the networks, strategies and resources of global stakeholders to scale innovation for impact. They have successfully […]