Celebrating Second Skin

Improving the role of clothing as an interface between body and environment

Manifesto Moda (MM) is a Portuguese company with international collaborative synergies that serves as a dynamic platform connecting academia to industry to consumers.

Partnerships with renown investigation centres, universities and textile innovation institutes, as well as several textile and nanotechnology companies, allow MM to combine top-of-the-line competences in smart textiles and deliver innovative solutions.

We focus essentially on bio-functional fabrics that interact constructive and innocuously with the skin and the environment, while delivering therapy and dermatological prevention — transforming the clothes into true allies of health and well-being.

We are also joining the fight against the eradication of malaria and dengue by offering protective and non-toxic clothing solutions with anti mosquito properties that extend prevention through all hours of day and night and are easily integrated into people’s routines. We welcome partnerships with NGOs, governments, schools and other parties interested in strategically extending protection solutions to children and general population.

We have our own brand that acts as a showcase of possibilities, yet we also work on a collaborative mode with Private Labels, helping fine-tune the integration of further functionality onto clothing solutions, acting on a customised basis from consulting to execution.

We are always on the lookout for new ideas, smart collaborators and constructive partnerships!

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Manifesto Team